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[Ambassadors] Re: Fedora 11: What do we expect?

The goal of fedora isn't to make it super easy for new users to Linux. That's ubuntu's job. Fedora aims to be a free, usable OS. I agree with some of your points but I don't think they are part of the goals of Fedora.

Fedora isn't meant to compete with other operating systems. It aims to provide an independent solution to users.

Kamin Horvath  
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On Feb 1, 2009, at 4:30 AM, Ashiqur Rahman Angel <angel linux org bd> wrote:


It´s almost one year, I am with the Fedora community. In this one year, I met so many great people from Fedora community. I have visited hundreds of forums, mailing lists. I meet so many people who uses Fedora (also who doesn´t).  I have learned so many things from them. Some of them are happy using Fedora and some them are not. And I think, as a community member, it´s my responsibility to inform you guys about some issues that I think, why people doesnt like to use Fedora or switching to other distros. And something, that we need to fix.

1. Need to include RPM Fusion with Fedora 11 default installation (but not activated, like Fedora test repo or raw hide, as we don´t include proprietary software). If this is not possible (may be because of some legal issue), then I´ll say, we need a working GUI solution to install RPM Fusion. According to RPM Fusion they explained a GUI solution to install the repo, but most of the time, it doesnt work at all (I myself, tested thousands time, also so many people there has, who tried, I searched for the solution, everyone give me CLI solution). And KPackage Kit can´t install it. So we need a solution that will work for GNOME and KDE both.

2. Need a GUI solution to install nVidia and ATI driver, that will automatically install the appropriate driver (Ubuntu has a GUI Hardware Drivers options that automatically download and install the driver, also they have Envy, its another GUI solution)

3. Need a GUI solution to install all kind of proprietary Multimedia codecs (Ubuntu has ubuntu-restricted-extras, they simply select it from package manager, and it installs all kind of codecs including JAVA) 

4. Need a complete GUI solution to install softwares offline from cache (ofcourse if it can fix the dependency) or DVD Media.

5. There has a very easy way to install a rpm package from CLI (one single package, that has not any dependency issue or if it has, it´s possible to install the package by ignoring it). But from Fedora 9, GUI double click rpm install doesnt work at all. So, we need a GUI solution of it. 

6. Need to add CD/DVD repo with Fedora 11 default installation, so people can use DVD to install softwares.

7. From /etc/yum.conf we need to edit  keepcache=0 to 1 as default. So people can use the cache to install software later or to some other PC.

Many of you will say, why we are following Ubuntu? Well, I´ll say, no, we are not following them. This is the truth, what users want. And many of you will think, this ideas are stupid, but truth is If this issues we can fix, for sure, so many people will start using Fedora. My apologies, if I am wrong anywhere.

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