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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora

Joerg Simon wrote:
Dear Ambassadors, right now some so called FOSS events appear with a target audience which is more focused for government agencies and bussines. To have Speakers at that events could be a great chance for Fedora to attract them for sponsoring or contribution. Here are some points i have made already in a discussion with a small group of people before. Francesco suggested to invite all Ambassadors to participate in this discussion.

There are several topics that we could place to attract government agencies and business, i am sure they will not know about that right now - and i hope that we find more here on that list - or like Francesco suggested collect in a WikiPage. - Company & Inhouse Builds! - a company who build software as FOSS or modify FOSS for their own Enterprise Servers can use the benefit of Fedora Processes and Infrastructure as well as the wide spreading of our Distribution with contributing to Fedora + EPEL - this is good for the company and for Fedora. This could be enhanced by a technical Track, to show them how they can package and spread their Software within own Fedora Spins ...

This also goes to companies building (proprietary?) applications for commercial purposes, and stepping up to both maintaining the dependency stack for their application, as well as getting their dependencies packaged. Of course, this goes through Fedora, and would end up in EPEL for them and their customers to use on their Enterprise Linux systems.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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