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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: Fedora 11: What do we expect?

Joerg Simon schrieb:

if it compromise our freedom then it can easy as pie, then we do not want it

Im totally with you. It should be our task to do lobby-work to have more and more open standards in the world. This will eventually lead to more open source thinking. However, basically, nowadays people tend to chose solutions that "Just Works"(tm) without caring whether it impedes their personal freedom or not. While this pretty dumb, people often aren't aware that certain things (in this case software) aren't free even if they are free of cost. I think the Ambassadors should more actively explain the difference between gratis and libre [1] to the people.

What I really hate to read is that some people are of the opinion that Fedora is not aimed to be an easy-to-use distro. Is this really one goal of Fedora _not_ to be that? I find Fedora pretty easy to use. However I also think that Fedora has more rough edges than other distros.

Also I don't know in which way it impedes my freedom not to be able to choose proprietary software. So it would greatly enhance freedom to include some kind of integration of RPMFusion into Fedora. While I would always prefer free software over proprietary software there are many many people who don't. I experienced that some members of the Fedora community pro actively try to hinder people from using proprietary software and thus imposing some kind of mindset on them. I'd rather direct those people to some good literature on open source and free software (as opposed to proprietary software) and let them think again.


[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gratis_versus_Libre

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