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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: Fedora 11: What do we expect?

When did I say, we have to include close source software with Fedora? I didn´t say it. All I just wish, easiest way of the solutions of this issues. So more people will start using Fedora.

I am using Fedora from the beginning of  the Fedora Core. Everything is easy for me. But think about a Windows User, who wants to switch to Linux, can you please tell me, why he will use Fedora instead of Ubuntu? In Ubuntu he can easily enable the close source repo, he can easily install all kind of multimedia software, he can easily install nvidia/ati driver. He can do this thing graphically, and anyone can easily do it. But in case of Fedora, he need to googleing to install close source software, as well as, codecs and other drivers. Now tell me, why he will use Fedora instead of Ubuntu, as Ubuntu is also an Open Source and Linux Operating System? Why? Because of free and freedom? Nop. Ubuntu is also free. They also don´t include close source software, but it´s very easier to enable close source. Now, if there is some other reason (please explain, i dont know) you can say, why they should use Fedora instead of Ubuntu, then I´ll say, users doesn´t care about those reasons at all. Prove is, Ubuntu is now most popular Linux OS.

Now, if you tell me, Fedora is not for new users, then my apologies for opening this thread. I have nothing to say. I´ll change my strategy to promoting Fedora (I´ll encouarage only advanced Linux users to try Fedora, not a new user).

At last, I just want to know, can anyone please tell me, why did I open this thread? I am giving the answer, it´s so simple, because I love Fedora, I want to promote Fedora in wider public of the world. And I want to see, other people is using Fedora. But amximum of yours impression is, I want to break Fedora´s goal. Please, open your mind. Try to understand. I have my study, I have my work. I don´t have any reasons to arguing with you.

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