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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: Fedora 11: What do we expect?

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 1:58 PM, Frank Murphy <frankly3d fedoraproject org> wrote:

Not closed-source, but patented.
There is a fundamental difference between:
O.S.S. and F.O.S.S.

I apologies for the mistake. I meant patented software here.

3: refer 1:
Most EU citizens will use Ubuntu, not so much because it's easier to
use, but  imho because it's EU based.
Google the amount of complaints re. the latest Ubuntu release.
Particularly wireless.

Nop. People are using Ubuntu from all over the world. And that´s why Ubuntu is most popular.


> Now, if you tell me, Fedora is not for new users, then my apologies for
> opening this thread. I have nothing to say. I´ll change my strategy to
> promoting Fedora (I´ll encouarage only advanced Linux users to try
> Fedora, not a new user).

Fedora is for All Users, and like anything.
It takes getting used to, that is where the Ambassador comes in,
with a printed list of where to get help.

Yes. Ofcourse Ambassadors are helping users. But just think, Ubuntu (October 20, 2004) is a new distro then Fedora. But it already passed everyone by in users and also popularity.

> At last, I just want to know, can anyone please tell me, why did I open
> this thread? I am giving the answer, it´s so simple, because I love
> Fedora, I want to promote Fedora in wider public of the world. And I
> want to see, other people is using Fedora. But amximum of yours
> impression is, I want to break Fedora´s goal. Please, open your mind.
> Try to understand. I have my study, I have my work. I don´t have any
> reasons to arguing with you.

I fully understand your love for Fedora it can be seen.
I too in school, have given Fedora 10 media to students.
They in many cases have never heard of Linux.
But one of the five, that got media is now dual-booting with Vista.
My tutor is now using FEL, and another tutor is interested.
These have been breastfed on Proprietary O.S.

My whole family is using Fedora now. Also my many friends. About 15 days ago, I have distributed 100 free Fedora DVD (http://angel.linux.org.bd/2009/01/22/fedora-infinity-day-2009/) here in Bangladesh.

> I am using Fedora from the beginning of  the Fedora Core. Everything is
> easy for me. But think about a Windows User, who wants to switch to
> Linux, can you please tell me, why he will use Fedora instead of Ubuntu?
> In Ubuntu he can easily enable the close source repo, he can easily
> install all kind of multimedia software, he can easily install
> nvidia/ati driver. He can do this thing graphically, and anyone can
> easily do it. But in case of Fedora, he need to googleing to install
> close source software, as well as, codecs and other drivers. Now tell
> me, why he will use Fedora instead of Ubuntu, as Ubuntu is also an Open
> Source and Linux Operating System? Why? Because of free and freedom?
> Nop. Ubuntu is also free.


Fedora = USA Based. (patented Software inforce), this law can stop USA people (also other country who are following USA) to use Ubuntu, you can tell them to use Fedora. But not the whole world.

And why you are bothering about patented software? I didnt tell Fedora must need to include patented software. I just said, we need a easiest solution (i meant a GUI, so anyone can do it). What´s the problem, if developer can get a GUI solution of it? Why you all are yelling about this? By making it easy we are not encouraging people to use petented software. If you think this is, then listen, you can´t push people to use Fedora. Give this feature, then people will come to try it. But now people are scaring to try it. So which one is better for promoting Fedora?

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