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Re: [Ambassadors] FOSDEM

2009/2/1 Papadeas Pierros <>:
> Chitlesh is it possible to
> book a pub (or sth like that) in advance for ~30 person? Because i think
> it would be difficult to drag 30 people around to find a spot for beer.

I've called 6 bars I know in brussels. But they all told me it's
saturday and regular people will also come. However we are welcome to
come and try. If we are lucky we can get 30 in at least 2 bars.

Secondly, I'm planning to come to Brussels at about 18h30 onFriday
after work. So who will already be there and what is the planning ?
Where do we meet ? The social party of FOSDEM is at Delirium. I know
it will be crowded. However,that bar is also one of the MUST
sight-seeing in Brussels. I'm sure rdieter will confirm.

Just for the intelligent minds: Delirium claims to have more than 2500
different kinds of beers :D

PS: I'll take the last train back home.


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