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[Ambassadors] FAmNA Polos: Order yours by Tuesday, February 10th

Hi Fedora Ambassadors in the US and Canada --

So far we have an order of 11 more polos from 9 more Ambassadors in the US and Canada. I have sent the details and shipping addresses of the orders already placed on the wiki to the vendor. I have three polos on hand from previous orders which I will ship out directly from here.

There is still time to order a Fedora Ambassador polo. Add your name to the wiki page at:


and follow up with an e-mail to me indicating your shipping address.
I'll then issue a PayPal invoice to you at your e-mail address. Shipping should be within 3-4 weeks or so.

If any of those who've placed an order already need a polo ASAP, I have two XL and one L on hand. Jon Stanley, if you are going to SCALE and need one for then, I can ship these to you now. Does anyone need a large polo who is going to SCALE? Let me know. Larry, sorry I don't have any stock your size. Thanks!

  - pascal


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