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[Ambassadors] post-FAD surveys

I'd like to start requesting Activity Day participants answer a short
survey as the last thing they do when finishing or leaving a FAD.

This is going to help all of us to improve the FADs from the very
first one.  It also helps us understand how this compares as a way to
spend Fedora's event budget compared to e.g. FUDCons.

Here is the master page for planning out the overall FAD survey
strategy.  We may want to make that part of an overall event survey
strategy.  I am separating them because the questions we ask people
who attend a generic Fedora event are different than what we ask from
FAD participants.


Especially right now I need help figuring out the first set of
questions we'll as at the SCaLE 7x FAD:


I'm still working on my initial question set, input welcome at any

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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