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[Ambassadors] Fedora at FOSDEM'09 - Thank you all -

Dear *,

Many thanks
Congratulations Guys !

Particular thanks to Dag, Fabian Ar., Pascal, Ruth, Jeff, Paul, Sophie, Max, Joerg, Chitlesh, Gerold, Fabian Af., Pierros,Kostas, Christoph, Francesco, Robert, Jasper, Simo, Thomas, Raphael, Robert, Marek, Xavier, Pierre-Yves, Pablo, Maxime, Luca, Lorenzo, Tomeu, Greg, Alasdair, Jens, Jan, Henrik, Jeroen, Armel, Sandro, Dimitris, Felix, Nicolas, Andreas, Jonathan, Bert, Alexandre, Sebastian, Bogomil, Tom, Stefan, Mathieu, Yaakov, Nicolas, Lennart, Michael, Foad, Thierry, Jonathan, Beni and others for your great helps.

Let's hope I do not forget someone. If so, sorry in advance. I promise I will not do it again! :)

In order to improve the next FOSDEM, feel free to send me your feed backs.
They are really welcomed !!!

N.B. : Sorry for the delay.

Best Regards
Frederic Hornain
Fedora Belgium

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