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Re: [Ambassadors] Media for APAC Ambassadors

Thanks a lot for the offer.

I could use it to distribute among the students of my university - BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology), They are going to have a vacation soon and will be interested in learning about fedora. Not that they dont know already, but most of the non CS students and many CS students are yet to use Fedora/Linux on their machines !

Do let me know if shipping to my country is possible.

Thanks and have a nice time.

Md. Ahsanur Rashid,  মো: আহসানুর রশীদ

Undergraduate Student, স্নাতক শিক্ষার্থী,
Level-4, Term-1,  লেভেল-৪, টার্ম-১,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), কম্পিউটার কৌশল বিভাগ,
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), বাংলাদেশ প্রকৌশল বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.  ঢাকা-১০০০, বাংলাদেশ।

Cell: (+88)  01715-621-323 ফোন: (+৮৮) ০১৭১৫-৬২১-৩২৩

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 1:47 PM, Harish Pillay <harish pillay gmail com> wrote:
APAC Ambassadors -

Hi. I have 1000 LiveCDs and 1000 DVDs of Fedora 10 x86 ready for
distribution to APAC Ambassadors.

I am not putting this info on:


for now.  Please contact me directly with quantity you need and I
will arrange for it to be shipped to you.

Harish Pillay hpillay redhat com gpg id: 746809E3
Red Hat Asia Pacific, 8 Shenton Way #10-00, Singapore 068811
fingerprint: F7F5 5CCD 25B9 FC25 303E 3DA2 0F80 27DB 7468 09E3

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