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[Ambassadors] Re: [fedora-india] Help reequired for install fest in Kalyani Govt. Engineering College, West Bengal

Also, I shall be handing over 50 DVDs and some stickers for this event.
If more needed, Dipanjan, please take care from your quota, I shall
give it to you.

I shall get in touch with Dipanjan and Sarbatha for further action.

But I have rarely seen any install fest of that size.
If it happens it will be great.

Well that's the number the organizers gave me. Lets see if we can see this through.

Rangeen, after event, I shall be needing all the details to whom media
was distributed. i.e Name, address, email, designation of all the
participants as soft copy, in addition to the customary event report.
Dipanjan, Sarbartha can guide you.

Also, if any media is in excess, please return those.


Once the event is done, I shall give a complete update of the event and also mail you the list of people to whom the media has been distribute. I shall return any excess dvd to you or to Dipanjan. If possible let me know if anyone else is coming to the event and where and when I can collect the media provided Dipanjan or Sabatha are not coming.
Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury

sherry151 gmail com
!!!Windows is "micro"-soft[ware]..I like bigger things!!!

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