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Re: [Ambassadors] Quick APAC Meeting Report

> Attendance in meeting and mails to list from APAC are low.
> What's wrong with APAC?

Nothing. I believe APAC is the same as all the other regions except
that we're more geographically challenged than others - we can't
convene that easily and/or we're not predisposed to do so.

In terms of efforts, FedoraEvents shows that APAC events are ever
increasing in numbers: 2009 - 5 (as of February 17); 2008 - 22; 2007 -
6; 2006 - 10 and 2005 - 0. This goes on to show that APAC is alive and

Why are our mails and meeting logs low and almost bare? Because
efforts are being done in isolation. There's no impetus to report or
to ask for resources.  Now is this good or bad? Depends on who you
talk to. But if we want them here, we should encourage them to use our
channels and make it worth their while. How? By making sure resources
reach those who needs them and by giving due recognition to those who
deserve them - all through Fedora APAC.

Heherson Pagcaliwagan

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