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Re: [Famsco-list] Re: [Ambassadors] [Discussion] Reporting template for ambassadors.

(Removing famsco-list from the Cc)

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009, inode0 wrote:

There are many examples of others who don't even provide the courtesy of saying they are no longer involved but rather just don't give any reply to attempts to contact them and give no other indication of their availability on the wiki.

You have touched on the key distinction between Ambassadors and some of the other parts of the Fedora Project, which is that Ambassadors are a high-touch entry point to the community, where *personal interaction* is more common than just getting on a mailing list.

You become a contributor after meeting someone at an event. You form a cluster of contributors who all are in the same region, or who are all in Fedora because another Ambassador recruited them. Look at all the people that Gerold and Joerg have recruited into the project, for example.


The CountryList page shouldn't just be a page. It should be a little web form where people give their location and get back a list of the Ambassadors who are closest to them. Then the potential contributor can talk with that Ambassador, learn more about Fedora, and be put into contact with the right other people who can help them be successful.

Ambassadorship and mentorship are very similar, and Ambassadors are in some ways the "guidance counselors" of Fedora. They need to know enough about everything going on in the Project to speak intelligently and point someone in the right direction.

So yeah, knowing who is active or dormant in the *AMBASSADORS CONTEXT* is an important thing.

The distinction that John (inode) and Susmit make is a good one.


Someone may be busy for a certain period of time, but that does not mean he/she can not reply back his/her unavailability. If someone does not reply in a month, it is for sure that he/she is not interested any more.

What we can do is mail all the ambassadors asking if they are still "alive", if someone does not reply in a couple of week, send him/her another ping and even he/she does not reply in a month, remove him/her.

I think I can agree with this more easily. This sort of housecleaning could be done periodically and probably wouldn't need to be done that often. I would think once a year or one a release cycle would help matters a lot.

I think this is one useful action item, good for someone who enjoys policy and process.

I think that making the CountryList page more interactive is another, and that is good for someone who wants to work with the Fedora Account System, or who wants to bribe one of the Websites/Infrastructure/FAS guys to help them out.


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