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Re: [Ambassadors] [Discussion] Reporting template for ambassadors.

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 8:56 PM, susmit shannigrahi
<thinklinux ssh gmail com> wrote:
> Almost all the other teams do their house cleaning. Doc team does,
> packaging team does. So what's the problem with us?
> inode0 said a nice thing on IRC that if we don't do house keeping, we
> will end up with 20000 pages of ambassadors and 90% of them
> unresponsive.
> Also I have problem with dead ambassadors personally.
> When people cone us to me and say "Fedora ambassadors are non
> responsive...in spite of having 120 Ambassadors for India, nobody
> helped us", I feel bad.
> This was not because we are inactive, this person went to the wiki
> page of some local ambassador who are dead. So he didn't got any reply
> from any of them in spite of repeated emails.

Francesco said that I feel this way because I am passionate about the
project. This is a good thing, but let me thinking that maybe I am a
bit too much enthusiastic. Trying to encompass unresponsive (or dead)
ambassadors with not kicking people out... what we need is a better
way to direct people to those who do respond. The problem is I can't
imagine a way of doing this without making a system that pings people.
The report template make sense to show where you last drop your
participation. Maybe we need some one with an esthetically
appreciation to design a chronological template to brag about last
stuff that they have done, then invite people to use it. Those who
pick up this will more likely to be contacted as they show recent
activity. Luckily this may became a common practice. I feel the urge
to keep this going as the idea of ambassador template that was for
having the minimal info .... never happened.

I still feel that some housekeeping will be good. But I am trying to
propose a less passionate approach, trying to be half way with other
perspectives. Not sure If I am making sense, or if I am attaining a
middle ground.

Probably I am deflating my two cents by writing too much :)

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