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Re: [Ambassadors] [Discussion] Reporting template for ambassadors.

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 11:34 PM, Roy Ong <me royong com> wrote:
> + +
> i think there is a need to agree on a proper definition of "dead
> ambassadors" ...

I haven't referred to them as "dead" ambassadors but the ambassadors
we are talking about are ambassadors who don't respond to email when
they are contacted via their ambassador wiki links. All I am in favor
of is removing the wiki links to them, not removing them as
ambassadors as they may well be doing other ambassador activities.

We simply don't want to frustrate people who are trying to contact us
via wiki links, which is one common way for people both inside the
Fedora community and outside to try to contact us. We also don't want
to miss important opportunities for Fedora which now happens when
those contacted don't respond to inquiries.


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