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[Ambassadors] Re: [fedora-india] Finally prepared the offline repo for the Install Fest at Kalyani Govt. College

Please ensure it is explained during the fest, why codecs and nvidia
drivers are not there in fedora by default .
Subhodip's presentation will take care of that .

> I have also prepared a kickstart
> file to automate Fedora 10 installation.

Won't it be better to let them learn the "manual" way?

I was thinking that since we are installing using DVDs, so we can simply keep demonstrating them on projector how to follow the steps and create partitions instead of using the kickstart method since we are not installing on one machine at a time. Kickstart works well for standalone installations but not in situations like install fest.. We will have enough experienced people out there to help anyone facing a problem with the manual way.  Though the offline repo is a job well done by Ratnadeep.

Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury

sherry151 gmail com

!!!Windows is "micro"-soft[ware]..I like bigger things!!!

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