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Re: RES: [Ambassadors] inactive ambassadors, a proposed solution

Kevin Higgins wrote:

>We come up with a policy that is simple, and fair.

>An active ambassador is someone who:

>1) Has joined the group in FAS.
>2) Reads and/or posts on fedora-ambassadors-list.
>3) Has a useful, up-to-date personal page on the Fedora wiki.

>And does one or more of:

>* Attends or organizes an event once in a release cycle.
Like other people have noted, there are numerous ways to contribute to the Fedora project. I have helped more than 100 people in my city to obtain the Fedora image. I just burn the Fedora image to the DVD media they bring. Initially, I was updating each media burn on the Wiki. Nowadays, I have stopped updating the Wiki. But I do help people obtain Fedora media. I even help lot of people with Fedora related technical issues. I run my own blog and forum site where I write about Fedora too and answer questions about Fedora.
>* Maintains a blog on Planet Fedora, with about one post per month.
With a little effort, maybe I can enlist myself in the planet.
>* Participates on fedora-list or fedoraforum.org <http://fedoraforum.org/> to help people w/questions.
How about IRC and other Forums?


With warm regards,
Sudheer. S
Business: http://binaryvibes.co.in, Tech stuff: http://techchorus.net, Personal: http://sudheer.net

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