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RES: RES: [Ambassadors] inactive ambassadors, a proposed solution


There's no way to create a single channel to participate. Every country will
have their channels. Max told about FedoraForum, but he is talking about
sites "like" FedoraForum.org, maybe in your country IRC is more often used,
this is valid too.


Rodrigo Menezes

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Kevin Higgins wrote:
> >We come up with a policy that is simple, and fair.
> >An active ambassador is someone who:
> >1) Has joined the group in FAS.
> >2) Reads and/or posts on fedora-ambassadors-list.
> >3) Has a useful, up-to-date personal page on the Fedora wiki.
> >And does one or more of:
> >* Attends or organizes an event once in a release cycle.
Like other people have noted, there are numerous ways to contribute to 
the Fedora project. I have helped more than 100 people in my city to 
obtain the Fedora image. I just burn the Fedora image to the DVD media 
they bring. Initially, I was updating each media burn on the Wiki. 
Nowadays, I have stopped updating the Wiki. But I do help people obtain 
Fedora media. I even help lot of people with Fedora related technical 
issues. I run my own blog and forum site where I write about Fedora too 
and answer questions about Fedora.
> >* Maintains a blog on Planet Fedora, with about one post per month.
With a little effort, maybe I can enlist myself in the planet.
> >* Participates on fedora-list or fedoraforum.org 
> <http://fedoraforum.org/> to help people w/questions.
How about IRC and other Forums?


With warm regards,
Sudheer. S
Business: http://binaryvibes.co.in, Tech stuff: http://techchorus.net,
Personal: http://sudheer.net

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