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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: inactive ambassadors, a proposed solution

Hi all,

I consider myself one of those ambassadors who are quite active in their community, but fail to "report back" on wiki's and blogs, or even reply to mailing lists.

Not that I wouldn't want to write reports or chat with fellows from a community I take pride to being member of, but I tend to spend my spare time (if any) working on getting people to love Fedora.
I honestly barely have the time to read my emails, much less to reply to all of them...

However, thus far, I have been able to reach thousands of university students, did a seminar on "How to use Linux (Fedora) as a reliable OS", and constantly am spreading the word around.
Heck, even my IT manager asked me a couple of days ago to give him both the 32 & 64 bit Fedora DVD's: our proxy servers will soon get what's best out there to drive them: Fedora 10!  And maybe our workstations will be finally fueled with the most productive OS one can lay hands on.

I side by inode0 with:
"...I suggest you lead by example and just do it. You don't need a rule."

And I think Roy's got a point:
"...At the end of the day, I think its now time for someone to come forth and make a
decision for the rest of the ambassadors to adhere."

Until the next reply of this interesting (and long) thread, have a nice weekend, all of you!
Take care,
Paul-Marc Bougharios, Engr


May God Be With You

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