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Re: [Ambassadors] A new community group


it seems to be a nice idea !


2009/2/27 CODE BRE KER <skyscanner4u gmail com>
Hi to all my fellow ambassadors , i have just made a new group at facebook, the reason behind is that i want to activate the promotion and acknowledging activities in Pakistan. which are not been updated , so i want all of you to be suppportive and do participate in it, and especially all ambassadors from Pakistan should join it and have a regular updating session here. so that we all should be contacted and the combine efforts we could do, should be planned..
And all other ambassadors are to be invited , to join so they can guide us, in this regard..


Best Regards to all


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Nayyar Ahmad
RHCE (ID:804006858622745)
Skype: nayyares
Blog: nayyares.blogspot.com

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