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Re: [Ambassadors] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjKQTiXDBeE


This Microsoft approach is NOT affecting to Fedora market share in Sri Lanka.

01: Fedora is not the only GNU/Linux distribution in Sri Lanka.
this is affecting to overall GNU/Linux market very less but this is affecting to pirated software users. ;-)

Btw, Fedora is the ONLY bistro Support easy use of Sinhala

02. Goverment Education System will move with GNU/Linux not Microsoft.
(Unfortunately only one of the project of IT Dept @ MoE already singed up MoU for 5 years with M$.)

SchoolNet has Ubuntu archive

Dear Sri Lankan Ambassadors,

If you really worry about localized Vista and MS Office then
join with me to complete remaining Gnome and Fedora l10n work.

I don't care those who shouting without doing any work. :-)

Microsoft project was not targeted Vista but they end up with Vista. :D

Btw, OpenOffice Sinhala version will be release soon as we are in progress of proofing the translation.

If you never heard of Fedora voice in Sri Lanka here it is [1]

This was written by myself when I worked at Red Hat - Pune Office.

and also there are Sinhala stuff within the Fedora before Microsoft published. [2]

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Teams/Sinhala

Danisha Navin
hanthana @  #fedora

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