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Re: [Ambassadors] EMEA meeting -- May 06 @ 2000 UTC

Hi Max and EMEA Ambassadors,

I'm in Paris today and I come to late for this meeting.
I read the meeting minutes and I come back to you if I have a question.



Le 4 mai 09 à 18:40, Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com> a écrit :

Our monthly EMEA Ambassadors meeting will be this coming Wednesday, May 6, at 2000 UTC (2200 CEST).

I threw a basic agenda up on the wiki:


  1. Review upcoming events.
  2. Discuss needs that folks have (resources, budget, etc)
  3. Reminders of any reimbursements that are still due.
  4. Any questions about FUDCon Berlin.
  5. Open floor.

Also, I'd like to discuss whether or not a greater frequency of meetings in this region is something people would like, or if Ambassadors feel like they have the right balance of meetings, access to resources, etc. that they need right now.


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