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Re: [Ambassadors] FAmNA Meeting Minutes from 2009-05-07

Yes.  I top-posted.  sorrry.

On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 3:00 PM, inode0 <inode0 gmail com> wrote:
> (08:00:28 PM) inode0: FAmNA Meeting - agenda @
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2009-05-07
> (08:00:29 PM) StabbyMc: .fasinfo smcbrien
> (08:55:37 PM) inode0: some of the new guys, doing swag work, probably
> don't know about this so I'll talk to them later

The tattoos are scheduled to ship before the 11th and there are two
designs.  There was supposed to be one order of 10,0000 1.5in sq.  and
5,0000 1.2in x 2.0in, but the company made a clerical error and
ordered the two of them for a total of 2 10,0000 each.

They are scheduled to arrive on or shortly after Monday.

> (09:33:06 PM) inode0: so if anyone would like help by arranging Fedora
> stickers or Fedora pens or anything else please please please talk

If someone can get a better deal on pens, the best I could get was $0.52 each.

> with us
> (09:33:17 PM) inode0: we can help you through the process
> (09:33:41 PM) inode0: djf_jeff: yes, absolutely, do it!
> (09:34:06 PM) dthomasdigital: I will testify to that inode0 and lots
> of folks at red hat helped me a lot with the case badge project.
> (09:34:18 PM) inode0: good opportunity to remind everyone that you
> very seldom actually need anyone's permission to do anything :)
> (09:34:29 PM) djf_jeff: good, will do tomorrow
> (09:34:40 PM) StabbyMc: is maxamillion defeated on pens?
> (09:35:02 PM) inode0: we want you to do things you enjoy, if they
> aren't being done just grab hold of them and start doing them
> (09:35:37 PM) leitz: I have the same philospohy in marriage...
> (09:36:01 PM) ***inode0 reminds leitz this meeting is logged forever
> (09:36:11 PM) ninjazjb_: lol
> (09:36:13 PM) dthomasdigital: lol
> (09:36:27 PM) inode0: and can be used in divorce proceedings
> (09:37:26 PM) ***leitz is too old and slow to catch anyone execpt the
> one he already caught...
> (09:37:30 PM) inode0: are there any other open floor items for tonight?
> (09:38:58 PM) inode0: ok, let's wrap this meeting then and carry on in
> #fedora-ambassadors
> (09:39:20 PM) inode0: thank you all for coming as always, next meeting
> on the 3rd Tuesday in May
> (09:39:22 PM) inode0: 5
> (09:39:23 PM) inode0: 4
> (09:39:25 PM) inode0: 3
> (09:39:27 PM) inode0: 2
> (09:39:29 PM) inode0: 1
> (09:39:38 PM) inode0: EOM
> --
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> Fedora-ambassadors-list redhat com
> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-ambassadors-list

David Duncan
Austin, TX

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