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Re: [Ambassadors] Help me: Fedora vs. Ubuntu

----- "sankarshan" <foss mailinglists gmail com> wrote:

> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 6:59 AM, Truong Anh. Tuan
> <tuanta iwayvietnam com> wrote:
> > Most of People in our community are crazy with Ubuntu.
> A good place to start would be to study, assess and understand what
> is
> the logic behind the craziness.
> > I know Fedora is much better and I am thinking about a campaign to
> change
> > their mind.
> To do that, you need to spend time getting your feet wet in the
> Fedora
> land and, dipping into various projects and sub-projects so that you
> *know* what you are talking about or, arranging a campaign around.
> > First of all, I would like to write a full list of advantages in
> Fedora
> > against Ubuntu (in our language, Vietnamese, of course).
> I would really suggest against that. It is never a good thing to do a
> point wise rebuttal and, the spoils are just to bloody to enjoy.
> Instead, you could sit down and think about how "Freedom, Friends,
> Features, First" resonate within your community and, how you can draw
> up practical and real examples which demonstrate the values of the
> words, the thoughts behind them and, how they shape the development,
> the community and, the entire system that is Fedora. That should be
> something worth doing.

This makes sense to me. Thanks!

Kind regards,

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