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Re: [Ambassadors] Re: Is it possible for Fedora developers to visit Egypt?

I think discussing that issue with the rest of the local ambassadors in Egypt would have been a much greater idea than starting the discussion about that specific point here.

Egypt Ambassadors are the only group who knows Egypt's current technology trends, their events planning abilities, what kind of financials do we need and what kind of topics can be put in a Fedora event agenda and also as Maria mentioned companies/associations who can sponsor such an event.

With the high degree of Technical skills acquired by most people working on IT-Related fields here in Egypt and also the passion of less-technical ones to open source technologies, i guess such an event will make a huge buzz here as the other events done before did.

I can definitely help in planning and organizing such an event and more than open for more meetings and discussions about the whole thing.

Thanks in advance.

Ahmed El Gamil

Systems Engineer
Fedora Ambassador -- Egypt
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On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 1:14 AM, Hector Alfonso Gonzalez Ramirez <hagr182 gmail com> wrote:
I gotta agree with maria,  as long as there are ambassadors you should be able to pull it off, If I had the money and the time (university demands a lot from myself, lol) I would deffenitively go!!

On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 5:53 PM, Tareq Al Jurf <taljurf fedoraproject org> wrote:
i dont think that you need a programmer
as you know
In egypt there are loads of pc technicians
if ur not finding people interested show the some unique features (something the have never seen)
because you know most of the people (not too pc experienced)
they might be amazed by compiz or cairo-dock
tell them about the security in fedora
let him try a live cd first
people also might like the idea of the usb
if you cant get the public interested, start with individuals
for example someone who has lost all his data because of a virus

he might be looking for a solution = fedora :)

in saudi arabia i started informing my friends who are pc experts about the usb idea

good luck :)

Tareq Al Jurf
Fedora Ambassador
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
taljurf fedoraproject org

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