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[Ambassadors] Planning F12 Release Events

Hi, it's time to start talking about a plan for F12 Release Events. We
have some months before, and we can use them to improve this amazing
experience in order to simplify the organization and giving more
people the possibility to organize one.

This time it would be great to have a plan (with some deadlines) so
that we could be able to work together the other sub-projects.

In primis, take a look at
You'll find the list of all the tasks planned by the other sub-project
towards the GA. Meanwhile, as Ambassadors, we should be able to follow
some of these passages working for what comes next to General

Going into the depth, I want to point you to
According to marketing schedule, and FAmSCo agreed upon this, starting
from September 15th (ending a week later), there will be "Brief FAMSCo
and Ambassadors on Talking Points".

So, here it the schedule I have in mind:

- September 15th - September 22nd: work with Marketing on Talking
Points (as they have planned)

- September 23rd - October 15th:
            1. have some meetings in order to see what we need and propose ideas
            2. create a wiki page with events and see the possibility
to spread the calendar all over the internet
            3. ask Fedora Design about flyers design and collateral
            4. FAmSCo budget availability/distribution discussion

- October 30th: having a meeting with Ambassadors, FAmSCo and Local
Contacts (most of them are part of FAmSCo) to discuss about the status
and to answer all the open question/solve the last open issues.

- General Availability: starting keep track of all events trough the
planet, M-L and so on.

I hope we can all agree with these schedule (tell me if something is
not clear).

Thank you for your precious attention

Francesco Ugolini

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