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[Ambassadors] Event Report: Securinf V3 (Popa yán - Colombia)

Hi guys!

In the city of Popayan (Cauca - Colombia) was performed the Encuentro de Tecnologias de la Informacion y Comunicacion Libre Securinf V3 (Meeting of the Free Information Technologies and Communication Securinf V3), an event framed by free software, web 2.0 and ethical hacking.

I quote:

"Fedora Project Colombia, attended with a conference where we highlight fundamental security aspects of GNU / Linux oriented Fedora, Fedora Project presented itself as open community who says welcome to new partners around the world, and for first time, we did free delivery of over 40 DVDs (Fedora 11 i386), the beggining what will be the Free Media program in our country."

More information:

http://proyectofedora.org/colombia/?p=922 (Spanish link)


Diego Escobar
Fedora Ambassador for Colombia
Fedora Release 11 (Leonidas): Linux Kernel 2.6.29 + KDE 4.3

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