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Fedora Core 1 Update: samba-3.0.4-1.FC1

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 1
Name        : samba
Version     : 3.0.4                      
Release     : 1.FC1                  
Summary     : The Samba SMB server.
Description :
Samba is the protocol by which a lot of PC-related machines share
files, printers, and other information (such as lists of available
files and printers). The Windows NT, OS/2, and Linux operating systems
support this natively, and add-on packages can enable the same thing
for DOS, Windows, VMS, UNIX of all kinds, MVS, and more. This package
provides an SMB server that can be used to provide network services to
SMB (sometimes called "Lan Manager") clients. Samba uses NetBIOS over
TCP/IP (NetBT) protocols and does NOT need the NetBEUI (Microsoft Raw
NetBIOS frame) protocol.

Update Information:

This update has been avaliable in testing for a while without complaints, so
I'v sent it to fedora-updates.

Note that Samba-3.0.4 still has a few know bugs, most of which should be fixed
by the upcoming samba-3.0.5 release.
* Thu May 13 2004 Jay Fenlason <fenlason redhat com> 3.0.4-1.FC1

- New upstream version 3.0.4
- Merge many fixes from other branches as described below:
- Upgrade to samba-3.0.4, which includes upstream fixes for
  bugzilla #114436, (probably also #116936)
- Move locase.dat, upcase.dat and valid.dat from -client to -common
  Closes bugzilla #122749
- Added samba-3.0.4-smb.conf patch to make printing work better ootb.
  Closes bugzilla #122527
- Change all requires lines to include an explicit epoch.  This closes
  bugzilla #102715
- Remove smbgetrc.5 man page, since we don't ship smbget.
- updated spec file to make libsmbclient.so executable.  This closes
  bugzilla #121356
- Updated configure line to remove --with-fhs and to explicitly set all
  the directories that --with-fhs was setting.  We were overriding most of
  them anyway.  This closes #118598
- add krb5-devel to buildrequires, fixes #116560
- Add patch from Miloslav Trmac (mitr volny cz) to allow non-root to run
  "service smb status".  This fixes #116559
- Change all requires lines to list an explicit epoch.  Closes #102715
- Add an explicit Epoch so that 0 is defined.
- Changed all requires lines to include an explicit epoch.  This closes
  bugzilla #102715

This update can be downloaded from:

8eb45f84aa62e8e22404354f2e49910a  SRPMS/samba-3.0.4-1.FC1.src.rpm
3f50ad449d0be72549728ca928487635  i386/samba-3.0.4-1.FC1.i386.rpm
2591180492b35b7721bf782f5d2adabb  i386/samba-client-3.0.4-1.FC1.i386.rpm
5d5862074aa671acd79cfe65d5fecddb  i386/samba-common-3.0.4-1.FC1.i386.rpm
85460e3cc8d676fcf42e8b4928a9b665  i386/samba-swat-3.0.4-1.FC1.i386.rpm
50d2cc36e44da6b0b3fc88b554b84e2c  i386/debug/samba-debuginfo-3.0.4-1.FC1.i386.rpm
507269e8ca37a519f72aafa58269ddaa  x86_64/samba-3.0.4-1.FC1.x86_64.rpm
eb285e59cd427a9adaddb08b4e42374b  x86_64/samba-client-3.0.4-1.FC1.x86_64.rpm
a3e27788a4c84157792edef703651af3  x86_64/samba-common-3.0.4-1.FC1.x86_64.rpm
0e71a36547b37b5dc526abf370da2679  x86_64/samba-swat-3.0.4-1.FC1.x86_64.rpm
dc211152fe276a38caeb64869f6ae932  x86_64/debug/samba-debuginfo-3.0.4-1.FC1.x86_64.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

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