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Unofficial FAQ Updated for Fedora Core 3

	Hello Fedora Users! The has been updated for Fedora Core 3! This means
that it has some new questions answered for Fedora Core 3 users, and it
also has a new yum.conf for Fedora Core 3. As always, the FAQ is at:


	The old Fedora Core 2 FAQ has been archived at:


	This update also brings a new feature to fedorafaq.org, the Fedora
Basics FAQ. This FAQ answers basic questions about Linux and Fedora,
such as "How do I open a terminal?" or "What is rescue mode and how do I
boot into it?" The Fedora Basics FAQ is at:


	There will probably be many updates in the coming days and weeks, so
keep checking back for updates!

	As always, I'm looking to add more useful information to the Fedora
Basics FAQ and the Unofficial Fedora FAQ, based on your input! If you
have any suggestions, please feel free to contribute:


	Have fun!


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