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Fedora Weekly News Issue 11

Welcome to our issue number 11 of Fedora Weekly News.


In this issue, we have following articles:

1 Guide to Managing Software with Yum
2 Yum Extender 0.42-03 Available
3 Setup your wireless client at home
4 Secure your desktop PC
5 Using yum localinstall packagename
6 Why no hat? Here's why
7 Fedora Myths - New Fedora Wiki Page
8 New CSS on fedoraproject.org
9 Tip of the Week
10 Fedora Core 4 Updates
11 Contributing to Fedora Weekly News
12 Editor's Blog

The latest issue can always be found at

We need more volunteer writers who watch the Fedora community and report 
about what is going on. To find out how you can contribute, please visit

See you in next issue of FWN!
Thomas Chung
FedoraNEWS.ORG (http://fedoranews.org)
"..where you can free your knowledge for your free community!"

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