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Unofficial FAQ Updated For Fedora Core 4

	Hello, users of Fedora Core! The Unofficial Fedora FAQ has been updated
for Fedora Core 4! As always, the FAQ is at:


	For this update, I've gone over all the questions and made sure that
they were totally current for Fedora Core 4, and added some useful new
information for Fedora Core 4 users.

	One of the major updates in the Fedora Core 4 FAQ is an entirely new,
super-simple method of configuring yum.

	There are many other nice updates, too, including a new style for parts
of the FAQ.

	The old Fedora Core 3 FAQ has been archived at:


	As always, I love getting contributions for the FAQ! If you have any
ideas, or you have any comments about the FAQ, contribute:


	I hope you enjoy the FAQ!

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