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CORRECTION Re: Fedora Package Announcement List Split

Zdenek Pytela wrote:
Warren Togami pise:
As of Monday April 26th, 2006, all package update mail will be going out to the new list fedora-package-announce. All current subscribers of fedora-announce-list are being auto-subscribed to that list today in preparation for this move. Mail will begin flowing on the new list on Monday.
	Ouch. I am not generally sure about the exact date, but current day
of week is a thing I can register, so I can see there's something wrong in
your statement. Other people may be confused, however.
Good day :-).

Oops... to clarify.

*Today*, Wednesday April 26th everyone is now subscribed to fedora-package-announce list. You may login to that interface to change your subscription settings.

Monday, May 1st package update announcement mail will begin flowing to fedora-package-announce. So you may want to edit your mail filters now.

Sorry about the confusion.
Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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