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Unofficial FAQ Update: 2006-02-03

	I have quite an update to the Unofficial Fedora FAQ for you today! :-)
Lots of good stuff. :-) As always, the FAQ is available at:


	Also, fedorafaq.org is proud to announce our new subscription service,
The Insider FAQ! We provide answers to all sorts of Fedora and Red Hat
questions that are not normal fedorafaq.org questions, but with the same
detail and simplicity as fedorafaq.org. :-) Try it out, it's really
useful, really cheap, and it helps support fedorafaq.org! :-) The
Insider FAQ is at:


	Here are today's fedorafaq.org updates:

	* Java instructions updated! And they should keep on working from now
	* Added a note on how to easily install the most common Windows fonts
	* Tiny update on the yum configuration (fixed the ATrpms key)
	* Wine is now in Extras.
	* New Question: How to I make numlock be on by default when I start my
	* And many other small improvements!

	If you have any ideas, or you'd like to contribute to the FAQ, just let
us know! I always love to hear from you:


The Insider FAQ: Linux Made Simple.

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