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Fedora Core 5 Re-Spin 20060523 Released!

The Fedora Core 5 Re-Spins from Fedora Unity have been released.

The Fedora Unity Project is proud to announce the release of DVD ISO
Re-Spins of Fedora Core 5.  These ISOs are based upon Fedora Core 5 and
all updates released as of May 23rd, 2006.  They are available for i386
and x86_64 architectures as of Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 via BitTorrent.
 The x86_64 Re-Spin is currently available for testing only.

The Fedora Unity Project has been created by concerned peers in the
Fedora Community to bring quality solutions to the Community. These are
members of the Community who want to see the best solutions find their
way into the hands of the Community. Members include site maintainers,
Fedora Project contributors and interested users.

The Re-Spin task has been taken up by Fedora Unity to provide the
Community with the chance to install Fedora Core with recent updates,
which might otherwise be several hundred megabytes of downloads, already
included. This is a Community project, for the Community, by the
Community.  You can contribute to the Community by seeding the torrent
after your download has completed or by joining the test process.

The Fedora Unity Project intends to release early and release often,
with new Re-Spins provided early each month during the life of each
Fedora Core release until that release is transferred to Fedora Legacy.
 Early snapshots will be taken mid-month to start testing. Final
snapshots will be taken about a week before the release. All released
ISO images are tested using a 15-point test matrix to ensure the quality
that the Fedora community expects.  If you are interested in helping
with the testing or seeding efforts, please contact the Fedora Unity
team.  Contact information is available at http://fedoraunity.org/.

Go to http://torrent.fedoraunity.org/ to join the torrent!

Fedora is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc.

Robert 'Bob' Jensen *        * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BobJensen
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Fedora Unity Project  *  bob bobjensen com  *  http://fedoraunity.org/

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