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ATrpms for FC6

ATrpms is officially launching Fedora Core 6 support for i386, x86_64
and ppc.


o The actual download location is http://dl.atrpms.net/. Mirrors are
  listed at http://atrpms.net/mirrors/

o "stable", "testing" and "bleeding", the three subrepos per
  distribution are not cumulative inclusive on the server
  E.g. you need to add "stable" for "testing", and both "stable"
  and "testing" for "bleeding".

ATrpms is a 3rd party general purpose package repository. It currently

o FC6/i386, FC6/x86_64, FC6/ppc, FC5/i386, FC5/x86_64, FC5/ppc,
  FC4/i386, FC4/x86_64 FC3/i386, FC3/x86_64, FC2/i386, FC2/x86_64, FC1
o RHEL4/i386, RHEL4/x86_64, RHEL3/i386, RHEL3/x86_64
o RH9, RH8.0 and RH7.3

ATrpms support for some of these distribution will go EOL by the ned
of the year.

configuration for package resolvers (replace i386 with x86_64 if

o yum
name=Fedora Core 6 - i386 - ATrpms

o smart
name=Fedora Core 5 - i386 - ATrpms

o apt
repomd http://dl.atrpms.net fc5-i386/atrpms/stable

you can provide feedback or request support on the ATrpms lists
(http://lists.atrpms.net/), or the common bug tracker

Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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