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Fedora-fr association was born !

Dear Fedora user,

All the French Fedora Team is glad to announce you the creation of the
association of the French speaking Fedora users.

We will need your help to drive this project where all the users of
Fedora are working for the same goal, the promotion of Fedora.

Why an association ?

* In order to promote Free software in general and the Fedora
distribution in particular. This promotion will lead to the creation of
support for the Fedora promotion, from simple flyers to CD/DVD for the
installation of Fedora.
* To support our website, one of the most important tool for the French
* An association helps to increase the presence of the French community
and gives more weight to his talk, indeed an association has more
credibility in front of its partners, ie Fedora project, Red Hat or

You should notice that the association has no link with the Fedora
project itself or Red Hat. The project has been informed of the
creation of the association but did not encourage it or support it in
any way.

What are the goals of the association ?

* Promote free software around a central element: the GNU/Linux
distribution Fedora.
* Promote Fedora on different associations and events or meetings.
* Create a network integrating users and developers of the Fedora
GNU/Linux distribution.

What are our resources ?

* The French ambassador team, localized all around France, involved in
different Linux User Group and other association.
* The dues from our members.
* The sell of goodies (T-shirts, mugs, hat...) should financially help
to the association.

Who is at the head of the association ?

The member of the board are:
President: Thomas Canniot (MrTom)
Vice-president: Armel Kermorvant (armelk)
Treasurer: Johan Cwiklinski (trashy)
Secretary: Guillaume Kulakowski (llaumgui)

Other members of the board:
Maxime Carron (Pingoomax)
Thierry Delmonte (Titax)
Charles Vinchon (littlecharly)

All are Fedora ambassador.

Why becoming a member ?

* Because you wish to be imply in the association's activities.
* Because you wish to financially support the association to promote
the distribution GNU/Linux Fedora and Free Software, without being
actively involved in these actions.
* Because you can become a member from 10 euros.

Who can become a member ?

The association accepts all French speaking people who wish to help the
promotion of the Free software and the GNU/Linux distribution Fedora.

How to become a member ?

We invite you to have a look at the procedure described on the
association's website http://asso.fedora-fr.org/Comment_devenir_membre

How to do a simple donation ?

If you wish to do a simple donation, you can have a look at the website

How to be involved in the Association actions ?

One of the first goal of the association is to create support for the
Fedora promotion during different the events and meetings. If you wish
to be involved, actually there are several projects for which we are
looking for help:
* Small books presenting Fedora
* Flyers
* Posters
* Stickers
* Pens
* Keyrings
* ...

We are also looking for partners to create Fedora CDs/DVDs.

Where to find information about the association ?

One website for all information, http://asso.fedora-fr.org

All the team of Fedora-fr association is available to answer your
questions and help you to lead your projects.

Fedora-fr Team.

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