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Unofficial Fedora FAQ Updated for Fedora 9

	Hi there Fedora land! The Unofficial Fedora FAQ has been
updated for Fedora 9!


	For this update, I reviewed and revised almost every single
question in the FAQ to be up-to-date and even simpler than before. Of
course the new FAQ contains an updated yum configuration, and also
working Java plugin instructions, but it also has a whole bunch of
other small improvements!

	The Fedora 8 FAQ is still available at:


	In other news, I'd really like somebody who's willing to help
me answer incoming email for the FAQ. I really like being able to get
back to everybody who emails me, but I do a lot of different things,
and having somebody else who could handle that email would be great.
Eventually this would probably evolve into helping me edit and update
the FAQ. If you're interested, send me a mail with the subject "FAQ

	The guidelines for contributing to the FAQ are here:


	As always, translations are welcome! If you would like to
translate the FAQ, send me an email with "FAQ Translation" in the
subject line and tell me what language you'd like to translate it to.

	I hope that you all enjoy this update of the FedoraFAQ, and my
thanks to everybody in the Fedora community who keep on making each
release so much better than the last. :-)

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