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Fedora Classroom helpers needed

Hey Folks. We are looking for some people to help out with the Fedora
Classroom project. Please let me know if you are interested in any of
these positions: 


Know something about Fedora Project?  Whether it be big or small, we
want you to come and share your knowledge.  Instructors are always
needed to present to interested parties.  The topic is up to you and it
can be basic or very in-depth.  Even if you don't feel like your topic
is very advanced, many folks love to hear about new and amazing
things.  Please come and take the time to present! 

Instructor Recruiters

This position would have you look around for people who use Fedora or
are associated with Fedora and are interested/willing/able to teach
classes. You would explain to them how the classes work and help them
setup their class schedules and so forth. This position could also look
for people who have interesting blog posts or mailing list postings or
are active on IRC and ask them to teach some classes. 


Working with the Fedora Marketing team, this position would have you
mail out class schedules, make blog posts, and any other ways you can
think of to get out the message about classes and how to attend them.
It would help to be subscribed to various fedora lists and/or be active
at fedoraforum.org.


For this position, you would need to be well versed in IRC setup and
usage and be able to be available at various times when classes are
held. People in this job would introduce classes, answer general
questions about the sessions and help control disruptive students or
the like. The Emcee should also be able to upload logs of just
completed classes to the wiki. 

Wiki tender

People in this job would tend the classroom wiki page. They would make
sure schedules are up to date and filled out properly, that archives
were uploaded after classes and filed in the right places. 

Please see our mail wiki page: 

For more information. 


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