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Re: Re: CD Artwork

Hi Diana and Patrick -

Thank you for the replies.

Send me anything you have. If I can use it as is- great! If I can't, then I have some learning to do. It's good either way. I've looked over the fair use of trademark documents you linked to, it's pretty standard stuff.

If it's forth coming, then I assume someone's working on it. If that's the case... Is there a similar project that no one is presently working on? I'm willing to take on a small project to get my feet wet but don't know what is needed.
I have one comment to your statement:

"We do want to give distributors as much flexibility as possible to use different types of media and packaging and to prepare and decorate that packaging in a suitable manner."

"Suitable manner" is the question. As stated on the wiki, burning to CDR and writing "Fedora™ Core 5" on it with a felt tip reflects poorly on the project as a whole and should be discouraged. I guess my question could be re-stated: "What's the minimum acceptable?" or "What's encouraged?". Obviously you don't want to set something up where the Fedora project has to "approve" layouts, but what would the Fedora project like to see?

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