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Re: Future of Bluecurve & Partial Bluecurve Guidelines Available (was Re: bluecurve)

Matthew Swasey wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

What kind of updating / revamping do you have in mind?

Nothing radical, like has already been mentioned, get some of the
original icons in SVG format.  Then start adding some more icons to the
set, in order to make a more complete set.

- replace a few of the most visible icons with an improved version; perhaps the most bang-for-the-buck can be obtained by changing the folder icon*; - currently the large majority of icons have no shadows. add shadows in a consistent way (the same kind of shadows to all elements);
- make the lighting consistent across the entire icon set;
- add more icons - perhaps the best strategy is to go per application basis: for example set Firefox as a first target, do the entire icon set, go to the next application.

* I am not very satisfied by it, but here is a possible approach: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/f_icons/folder_nicu.svg - it still a folder, looks pretty much like Bluecurve but is different.


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