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Re: Official Fedora CD/DVD Art?

Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
Our options are open. Our 'official' selection would most likely be a suggestion. As long as we label one selection as 'official', most vendors and individual distributors will use that selection, and the standardization will help to give the appearance of a coherent community.

Makes sense.

Those who cannot
use the official artwork would still be able to use simpler labelling. Not everyone will be able to print full-color CD labels, so I don't want to prevent them from producing media.

That's an important consideration I think, we should have a nice-looking b&w version available as well.

Also, I recommend not having a open vote.... I've been burned by this in
the past - it's a pain to control for cheating (which unfortunately
happens), and in the end, 'design by open committee' tends to be a lot
lower quality than 'design by a knowledgable few'

We can discuss how wide we want to open the process. We will need to have a reasonable scope to cover all interests. In addition to the Artwork team, we should at least include the Distribution team and a small selection from the Marketing team. Having the Artwork team select the nominees will make the vote a lot less painful, but closing the vote to just the Artwork team may leave us with a selection that nobody wants to use.

Sounds like a good plan.


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