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Re: Future of Bluecurve & Partial Bluecurve Guidelines Available (was Re: bluecurve)

David Zeuthen wrote:

It's interesting to see what the Ubuntu crowd is doing here


including the ten priority levels... Anyway, I bet that if you replaced, say, the 50 (just to pick a number) "most important" or "most visible" [1] icons with Fedora specific ones, I bet you can still maintain our own look and/or brand while reaping all the benefits of the Tango project. Definitely something to consider I'd say.

This is worth considering, the Tango guys are very persuasive and work with a lot of upstream projects for "tangoification", for example they develop the so-called "ArtLibreSet" (a subset of Tango) which is at various points of adoption in Gimp, Scribus and Inkscape.

This strategy would impose a constraint: those replacement 50 icons should have the style (palette, perspective, shadows, light, size) very close to the original set (Tango), so there will not be very much space for modifications (the same style so the entire desktop remain consistent and differences between icons from various levels* are not easily noticeable).

*levels as defined by Ubuntu in the link above

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