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Re: DNA wallpapper

 Jiří Jakub Mašek wrote:
Hi, seawolf, hi people, good idea, I can add only this: take care on geometry of elements, there are seen pieces of dark blue element under the light blue one. .....................JJM

So I did yet another iteration of this. I actually worked on it at the Gimp/Inkscape/Blender booth at SIGGRAPH in Boston this past week to show off Inkscape to passers-by! :)


Here are the fixes I made based on some of the feedback I've got:

* the shading is improved. I'm using two separate gradients - one bold gradient for the strand-halves that are getting direct line, and one more muted gradient for strand-halves 'in the shade.'

* the blues are blue rather than purple-y :) they're compatible with the fedora logo blue colors.

* some of the lines in the DNA strands were connected sloppily. Should be aligned much better now.

* the DNA base pairs are now the fedora 'f' and the infinity symbol rather than just the 'f'


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