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Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...

I can only second David's judgement which completely agrees with my previous
comments on the new icon theme, e.g. here:


where I have been e.g. particularly critical about the missing outlines. A
photorealistic icon theme simply doesn't work at the fairly small standard
icon sizes used in "GNOME". When you are on "OS X", this is quite different
as most icons are way bigger (panel!).
People ranted about "Bluecurve" for being cartoonish, but as a matter of
fact, "Tango" is cartoonish too (!), and that is exactly why its icons are
so ergonomic and well recognizable at the icons sizes we are concerned with.
You only have to look at the new Fedora "System Monitor" icon adopted from
the "Tango" theme which is cleaner than its stock "GNOME" precursor which
appeared rather blurred.
Btw, can anybody take care of the new "grave cross" used in "Add" buttons?
... This is really too much, hehe ;)

> There is sadly no nice way to say this, so in the interest of being
> brutally honest for the good of our users. Echo is plagued with issues
> and is only a giantic step down from Bluecurve or Tango visually. The
> icons look decent only when they are huge like the way they are
> displayed on the wiki but on the actual desktop they are nothing short
> of a disaster.
> My apologies for any hurt egos,
> David

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