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Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...

"Joachim Frieben" <jfrieben freesurf fr> writes:

> When I look at the current "Echo" icon pack, I'd say that all three
> subdirectories "22x22", "24x24", "48x48" contain the same set of icons,
> albeit at different scales. This invalidates your argument, sorry ..

I packaged those icons. What Diana put on line were just 86 icons svg
and 48x48. The smaller sized icons were copied and resized from
48x48. I know they look awfully bad at 16x16 that's why 16x16 is not

>> These smaller icons are 'simplified' versions of their larger brothers
>> and sisters since in so few pixels its very hard to convey so much
>> graphical information, and as you pointed out, when you try to convey
>> so much information in just a few pixels, it just becomes kind of a
>> paint blob.. hence the column 'Small' at
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/BluecurveAndBeyond/Gallery Not
>> filled in yet, but i presume that this column will be filled-in in time
>>  with the smaller simplified versions of the icons, which don't turn
>> into  'paint blobs' in 22x22 pixels.. even perspective might sometimes
>> be 'flat' in the smaller icons to, as you point out, have max visual
>> information room in such a small area.


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