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Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...

David Nielsen wrote:
søn, 06 08 2006 kl. 11:56 +0200, skrev Chris Chabot:

Of course they are valid points that should be thought of (small
version of the icons) but to write "to be brutally honest, this is a
huge step down from bluecurve" sounds to like an intend to be negative
and not fair nor honest.

No, I had not intention of being fair, I was being honest, I think if we
ship Echo by default it is taking a gigantic step in the direction of
screwing our users, especially those of us with poor eyesight. If you
don't like my opinion then address my concerns don't attack my person.

Indeed, if you were fair, you have considered what Diana said *days* before you: "help is also needed on creating simplified versions of the icons to look good in the 16x16 size and whatnot. Do let me know if you'd like to help but don't know where to start"
"All 16x16 icons should also be "head-on"/"on table view" with no shadow...it get's messy at that size"

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