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Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...

Stop being childish: the logical consequence of your reply is that any
person not feeling inclined/capable of actively contributing to the actual
icon creation process has to shut up, right?
There have been some serious objections against the current tendency
towards what is called "Echo" theme. Triggered by the new update
notification icon, I for myself had argued in various posts as early as
back in mid-June, e.g. in


why I didn't find the current approach compelling. If you don't care about
user feedback and start whining when people are critical then stop asking
for their opinion. If you want to move away from "Bluecurve", it's up to
you to suggest a better alternative and to convince people to embrace it
and not the other way round.
To summarize: current "Echo" sucks at any icon size less or equal to 24
pixels, and exlicit reasons for this personal judgement had been outlined
several times (the 16 pixel ones are even less important because less
frequnetly encountered). It's up to you to draw conclusions or not. It's
that simple.

> Indeed, if you were fair, you have considered what Diana said *days*
> before you:
> "help is also needed on creating simplified versions of the icons to
> look good in the 16x16 size and whatnot. Do let me know if you'd like
> to  help but don't know where to start"
> and
> "All 16x16 icons should also be "head-on"/"on table view" with no
> shadow...it get's messy at that size"
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2006-August/msg00010.html
> --
> nicu

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