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Re: Icon , Folder-Remote

man, 07 08 2006 kl. 17:00 +0330, skrev Mola pahnadayan:
> Hi , I add folder-remote SVG to wiki , 
> Is it good ?  

I'm honestly not a big fan but to your credit that is a hard bit of
information to have to convey.

To me it looks like a monitor with a doodle (it's very small to me
looking at the png file) and something blue behind it which could be
another monitor. I see you also added what appears to be the fedora logo
on the monitor - that's just a bit to detailed and it ends up being
confusing paint blobs. Simplicity is key, besides don't we have a
standard monitor template you could steal for consistency?

I wouldn't think this is a remote folder by looking at it. Then again it
is a hard one to do.

How about a folder icon with a bit of wire with a RJ45 connector on it
or some kind of wifi signal tower. You know use the visual data we
already have to build upon. Your brain will go, oh that symbol meant
network in the other context so here it must be networked folder and
vice virsa (I know that folder is remotely connected and since it has
that symbol on it that must mean that network is behind the symbol

Always build upon the same visuals to convey the same context, it
leverages pattern reconition to make the interface easy to understand.

- David

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