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Re: Names for icons that are not on the Tango list...

Diana Fong wrote:
I created a couple of icons that were not on the Tango list...and so made up my own names accordingly. Examples include: drive-harddisk-usb/firewire, drive-removable-usb/firewire, format-justify-last-left, format-justify-last-right...etc. Hopefully they're ok. Is there a more comprehensive list somewhere that I haven't found or could these extra names be submitted somewhere to Tango to help maintain consistency. I saw this link with the "Icon Naming Specifications" [1] which is not equal to the "Icon Metaphors" list [2].

I bet you could talk to dobey about the process for submitting new icon names to the spec. He's usually dobey in #tango on freenode.

Lastly...I've made battery icons for PowerManager but the naming scheme is nowhere to be found on Tango. I was pointed to [3] but the names seems different to what might fit in the Tango naming scheme.

Not knowing who pointed you there - I would suggest bringing this up with dobey as well. My assumption is that the names would be something like status-power-(string from the gpc icons). So for example:

status-power-suspend (altho this icon begs me to ask, if your machine was suspended how would you ever be able to see this icon? ;) )


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