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Preview of new scaled down icons (was Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...)


Diana Fong wrote:
Each smaller sizes will have to be either cleaned up at the .png or the vector stage to make it more readable. Currently, smaller sizes have not been created. Help is greatly appreciated in this area.

Attached is a preview of some of the work I've been doing redrawing the icons with a flat perspective in a 24x24 pixel grid. The icons that have not been scaled down in this mock are the 'Internet' and 'Add/Remove Software' icons.

Any feedback on this work thus far is greatly appreciated. Thus far I think I need to:

* give the scissors a bit of a lighter touch wrt their outline in the accessories icon
* recolor the fill and/or outline of the pen nib in the office icon.
* lighten the outline on the gears for 'system'

16x16 versions of these are also available on the wiki.


PNG image

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